How to Cornrow Your Own Hair

How to Cornrow Your Own Hair

How to cornrow your own hair.

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Smart enough to have long hair; you must also know how to cornrow hair in beautiful way. There are many options for how to do it well. Dense and relatively long hair will look good even in normal neatly cornrowed plait. But still want some variety, originality and exclusivity of this. And that spit could provide a basis for modeling a great number of wonderful hairstyles, without requiring much time and effort.

If you have very long hair, you can cornrow in the classic cornrow style and put it “eight”. And you finally stop going to the thought of trimming your luxurious hair. In this way, well laid long hair in the summer, in hot weather to open the neck and back.

How nice to cornrow hair, if you have lack of time and did not have time to wash your head? In this case, you will rescue haircut “on the top beam, the basis of which also uses the technique of cornrowing hair. For its creation, need a few rubber bands and a bit of gel. Fasten your hair in a ponytail elastic on top, encircles one strand, then two intertwined, attach elastic bands as necessary and apply on hair, as needed, the gel. There are other types of beams, such as pencil, wrapped in three plaits.

As can be nice to cornrow hair

And, of course, impossible to ignore one of the most common ways of how to cornrow hair is beautiful: a French cornrow, which may, in turn, carried out in several ways. If you know how to weave a simple cornrow, then the master netting French cornrows in the cellar.

To run the classic French cornrow is necessary as to weave cornrow in the usual technique in the course of weaving weave every time new strand. French cornrow may be slightly cornrowed, and this is the simplest in terms of training This technique of weaving hair option. For its extensive use of weaving strands of hair on the back of the head. Having mastered this technique, you can start weaving tight French cornrow. French cornrow can be a good day-to-day decisions matter how beautiful cornrow hair.

Hairstyles, which are based on cornrows or pigtails or cornrows, which serve as a natural complement to the clothes, fit any style. Hair plaited and laid a knot at the top, perfectly combined with a strict cut suit. French cornrow with bangs or without the most appropriate option, for clothing, made in sporty style. And, going to a secular party, gather your hair into a suitable occasion the French pencil, beautifully set off your bathroom will help to cornrow hair is beautiful, and you’ll look very elegant and stylish.

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